Monday, May 2, 2011

Mid-April 2011 - back to Lombok

The last trip across the strait to Lombok left me distinctly disappointed, so this time I was on something of a mission with my friends Ben and Jon from Australia.

Although we failed to raise any monster fish, it was a far better trip in terms of action. On the third and final day alone we had 13 strikes on poppers, and although an unfortunate number dropped off (6!) there was enough action to keep us all on our toes.

Largest GT was up around 15 kgs and lots in the 5 to 12 kg range. I personally had a much larger fish on and seemingly well hooked up until it fell off :( . It is something of mystery as to why we have been missing the big GTs in Lombok this season. Bali has been good for the larger fish, but even on days when the bite has been on in Lombok, smaller fish seem to dominate. I have one more trip to Lombok before the season winds down in late May and I am determined to get that monster GT on board.

The best by-catch was Jon's nice Red Bass and a sizeable Great Barracuda which was Ben's first fish on a heavy popping set up.

Stickbaits were a complete waste of time with just one miss from a Barracuda on Day 1. Not for the first time (nor the last!), Heru Cubera chuggers played a starring role as did Ben's Halco Roosta (surely the best budget popper ever designed).

This was a first dedicated popping trip for both Ben and Jon, and it was a great pleasure fishing with these guys, and to see two new popping addicts emerge over the three days.

Final mention must go to Mike and Yuli at the truly exceptional Yulis Homestay in Kuta, Lombok. As ever they were great hosts and an absolute pleasure to stay with.

Rods: Carpenter DJ83MH x 2, Carpenter CV7940, Ripple Fisher GT82, Kaiser EL Toro 150
Reels: Stella SW18000, Saltiga Dogfight, Twinpower SW10000
Successful Lures: Heru Cubera 150 and 125, Halco Roosta