Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bali jigs

I often get asked about jigs which are made in Bali. There is no doubt that this small island has something of a reputation for producing decent quality jigs at very low prices.
I will try here to profile the main brands, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Adhek Bali Jigs
These are the best Bali jigs, and are relative newcomers to the market which as far as I know are not available anywhere internationally. It was no great surprise that Pak Adhek decided to expand his range of lures to include jigs after the global success of his wooden top water lure business.

Adhek Bali Jigs in 700, 500, 400 and 350 grams

Whenever there is a need for centre-weighted jigs, my Adheks are the go to choice, bar none. In Bali waters there is rarely an opportunity to use anything lighter than 350 grams, but these come in sizes from 200 grams to 500 grams. The 400 and 500 gram models get most use with me and work well on GTs and Dogtooths amongst others. Adhek also makes a monster 700 gram bottom-weighted jig which is a killer for deep, strong current Amberjacks.

Finishes are excellent giving these jigs a very Japanese feel. As you would expect with all of the popper experience, Adhek makes good use of holographic tapes on his jigs.

Finally, Adhek’s light inchikus are very popular amongst local anglers, and have a great strike rate on smaller snappers, groupers, long-nose emperor etc. These come with a spare skirt and hook set, and are one of the few ready-made inchikus with which I have not felt the need to change the terminals due to quality concerns. An excellent product.

These jigs are available direct from Adhek Bali or at one retail outlet on the island: Puri Pancing.

Ton Hui Jigs
Or is it Tong Hui? I have never been sure. These unbranded jigs are excellent value and very effective, particularly in the larger, bottom-weighted models. The finishes are nothing great but still better than many you would find elsewhere for higher prices.

In 600, 500, 400, 380 and 320 grams

The bottom weighted models come in 320, 380, 400, 500 and 600 grams and I have caught fish with them all. Ruby Snappers and Amberjacks seem to especially like these in pink and red colours. The full lumo models do well in very deep water.

A far as I know, these jigs available at only one retail outlet on the island: Puri Pancing.

Virus Bali Jigs
These are manufactured by the owners of the Istana Pancing tackle store in Bali and are of course available there. They also turn up a little bit internationally if you look hard enough.

Some Virus Bali jigs from 180 to 500 grams

The range is truly huge in both weights (from 120 grams and up) and models. Frankly, I used to use these a lot more than I do nowadays, mainly thanks to the arrival of the Adhek range. Definitely a good option at keen prices, even if the finishes leave a bit to be desired at times. Some very funky designs available and long-term proven fish catchers.

Find them at Istana Pancing (no functioning website), Jl. Sesetan, Pasar Sanglah, Denpasar, Bali. Tel: 0361 7487140.

There are also other no name jigs of a lower quality made in Bali which you will find at the smaller tackle stores on the island.