Monday, April 4, 2011

Lombok and Sumbawa - end March 2011

I was really looking forward to this trip with my friend Ryan and his younger brother Simms. Sadly it turned out to be a bit quiet with the big GTs refusing to come out to play despite ideal conditions.We certainly caught GTs but nothing larger than about 11-12 kgs. Two sizeable Red Bass caught popping were actually probably better fish but will still always be regarded as nothing more than by-catch.

Especially disappointing was the day we crossed the Alas Strait to Sumbawa and really fished ourselves into exhaustion for a zero return. Casting almost every type and weight of popper/stickbait imaginable into prime, pristine GT waters did not produce even a strike. The same was true when we when threw lures into a raging boil of Skipjacks and Rainbow Runners - it just would not happen for us.

A good deal of amusement was had by all on the last day when Ryan's Heru Cubera 150 was picked up by a Lesser Frigatebird that seemed keen to make off with it before a sharp tug convinced it otherwise :) . That popper was seemingly cursed as only moments later it was donated to the reef Gods by a cast that was, shall we say, a little too energetic.

Despite the lack of big fish, it was a very enjoyable trip in the most stunning, pristine environment. It is a privilege to fish in such conditions, fish or no fish. Also a very big shout out to Ryan and Simms for their indefatigable spirit despite it seeming at times like casting at completely empty waters. Thanks for the great company guys, and if you keep on fishing with that great attitude the big fish will come for sure.

I will be back over in Lombok shortly to attend to some unfinished business.

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