Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back to Lombok, October 27th to 29th 2011

Until last week, I had not been able to fish since May, so a quick two and half day trip across the Strait to Lombok was eagerly anticipated. Upon arrival, the anticipation levels rose even further as the currents were really swirling and there just had to be fish.

Was soon into a couple of sizeable GTs and also started to get smashed by Spanish Macks. The second day was similar and produced the best GT of the trip - an extraordinarily fat fish that I am still have trouble calling weight-wise. This was mighty fine fish with which to Christen my new Carpenter MH80H.

The bite was really on and if I was back in peak physical shape I could certainly have caught more fish. I was though very pleased with the 7 good-sized GTs I caught and a similar number of fun Spanish Macks. Also caught my first ever Goldenspotted Trevally on the top water (normally a fish caught jigging!) and a large 18-20kg Barracuda.

Lure of the trip was (as usual) Heru Cubera 150 and I also caught fish with a Cubera 125, Shimano Ocean Pencil 110 sinking and Adhek Penipen 140.

Did not do any jigging at all as the top water was just too good. Wanted to try out out my new MC Works 556 but that will just have to wait.

Lombok is so underfished for a place that is relatively easy to reach from Bali (90 minute boat crossing). I have booked the boat
again for the November full moon, 13th) and will be giving it all another go. All fish successfully released bar 2 Spanish Macks which were kept for eating.

With the season up and running again in these parts, please check back in often for
regular reports from now through to June 2012.

Rods: Carpenter Monster Hunter 80H, Carpenter Coral Viper 7940, Ripple Fisher GT82
Reels: Stella 18000, Stella 10000, Twinpower 12000
Successful lures: Heru Cubera 150 and 125, Shimano Ocean Pencil 110 sinking, Adhek Penipen 140.


  1. Hi, I am living in Lombok , have bought a boat for fishing but really need a few pointers on where is hot around the island. Have had a few spanish and lost a couple fo good sized GT but still want to explore further, where do you recommend for some good sport?